Questions to Ask a Roofer Before Hiring

Questions to Ask a Roofer Before Hiring

Finding a roofer who can efficiently and seamlessly replace or repair your roof can be challenging, especially when storm damage or a leak has suddenly materialized. However, even when time is a factor and action may need to be taken as soon as possible, you should contact multiple roofing contractors and know what to ask a roofing contractor who will make you feel better about hiring them.

Property owners in the Tampa Bay area, including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, and Polk counties, have depended on Tampa Bay Roofing Services for their roof replacement and repair needs for over 22 years. We know the questions property owners should ask to determine whether a roofing contractor puts customers first, as we do. Learn the questions to ask a roofing contractor before hiring to help you decide which one will prioritize your best interests regarding quality and customer service.

Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor

The roofing questions will focus on how capable and experienced they are at performing roof replacements and repairs and how they back up the quality of their work. The questions you ask are a way to gather facts, get acquainted with a roofing contractor, and build a level of rapport and trust you’re comfortable with.

For example, we happily encourage customers to ask us questions and readily supply any information they need to feel secure. If a roofing contractor seems agitated or ambiguous when asking questions, you should move on, no matter the answers. Here are some examples of questions to ask a roofer before hiring them.

Do you have the appropriate license to do the work?

A roofing contractor should have no problems offering license or insurance information when you ask for it. Florida law requires roofing contractors to have a license when performing roof replacements and repairs. The roofing contractor should be able to supply a license number that looks like ours, #CCC1328373. If you want to do further homework, you can check the validity of the license by visiting the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation website. You can search by the license number to confirm the licensee’s name and address and verify that the license is active.

Before a roofing contractor can become licensed in Florida, they must have proof of insurance. Roofers must have a minimum coverage amount of general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. General liability insurance compensates if the roofing contractor causes property damage or personal injuries to non-workers.

Do you offer a warranty for your roofing work?

Questions about warranties are also important. A roofing contractor that offers warranties is concerned about its reputation. They offer manufacturing, workmanship, or both warranties to show that they are willing to stand by the quality of work they provide.

Manufacturing warranties cover roofing materials that turn out to be defective. A roofing contractor may also provide a workmanship warranty for a certain period, guaranteeing they will return and fix mistakes made while performing the roofing service.

What do you do to ensure the project is on time?

This question is important, especially when time is an issue when correcting roofing problems. The contractor should be able to list the efforts that they will make confidently. For example, through experience, they can correctly estimate the number of workers needed for the timely completion of a project or offer consistent supervision as a solution.

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Now that you know the questions to ask when getting a roof estimate, you’ll be sure to hire the right roofing contractor to provide a service you will be satisfied with. Contact Us today for a Free Estimate.


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