Protect Your Roof from Florida Storm Damage

Florida homes throughout Pasco County and the greater Tampa Bay area are at risk yearly from tropical storms and hurricanes. Along with being dangerous, these weather events can cause significant damage to your home. Solutions like hurricane roofing and hurricane roof protection strategies can mitigate the risk of roof damage from storms.

Tampa Bay Roofing Services is committed to providing storm roof solutions that substantially protect your home and property. Learn more about what steps you can take to prevent storm damage to your roof and what hurricane roofing solutions we can provide.

Tips on Avoiding Roof Damage From Storms

There are some DIY steps homeowners can take to prevent roof storm damage. As you’re preparing your home for hurricane season, consider these tips:

Remove Debris From Around Your Roofline

Loose debris can be flung about during storms, damaging your roof, bending your gutters, and breaking your windows. Pack away loose or unsecured debris.

Trim Back Trees

Trees also cause significant roof damage from storms. Trim tree branches so they can’t scrape against your roof. They can also break off during strong winds and smash against your roof, so regularly inspect your tree for rotten or cracked branches that should be removed.

Get Your Roof Tarped

If your roof does get banged up or scratched during a storm, get hurricane roof protection immediately. Hurricane roofing tarps can shield your roof from further damage and stop water leaks. This can prevent the damage from worsening, especially if there’s a long wait for roofing repairs during hurricane season.

What to Do If You Sustain Storm Damage to Your Roof

Hurricane roofing damage is seemingly unavoidable in the Tampa Bay area. If you do have storm roof damage, take these steps to minimize the damage and get a stronger roof:

  1. Cover the damaged area with a tarp as soon as it’s safe. Tarps are excellent make-shift hurricane roof protection because they can stop water from getting inside your home, where it can cause mold, water damage, and rot.
  2. Call a roofing service for an assessment: Roofing companies are often busy after a hurricane. Call as soon as possible to schedule an inspection or repairs so you don’t have to wait.
  3. Inform your insurance company: Contact your insurance company for significant repairs and replacements. An insurance adjuster from your provider will need to inspect the damage before they can cover your claim. Have a hurricane roofing professional meet your adjuster so they can coordinate.
  4. Consider options for hurricane roofs: Every region across the United States has materials that work better for that area’s weather and climate, and shingles need to be stronger for tropical storms and hurricanes. Ask your roofer, “What is the best roofing material for a hurricane?” and see if their suggestions fit your budget. Metal roofing is the preferred option for storm roofs, and investing in hurricane roofs can save homeowners the headache and expense of constant repairs across the seasons.

Battle the Storm With Hurricane Roofing Solutions From Tampa Bay Roofing Services

At Tampa Bay Roofing Services, our team of experienced roofing professionals is here to help you prepare for hurricane season with hurricane roofs or fix up your home after a heavy storm. We offer honest and competitive pricing for metal roofs, roof tarping, and roof repairs and replacement services.

Our company is a CertainTeed shingle master applicator and Tamko Pro installer, and we’re committed to quality. Reach out today for a free estimate on repairing or replacing your roof.


Featured Image: Gan Chaonan / Shutterstock