roofing repair in Tampa, FL

Roof Repair near Tampa, FL


Tampa Bay Roofing Services specializes in the broadest range of roof materials and repair methods, making us the most reliable choice for lasting and effective roof repairs. Having maintained Tampa-area roofs for homeowners, apartments, condos, and various commercial buildings for over 22 years, we have what it takes to dramatically improve your roof’s function, even if full installation isn’t the right move.

Read on to learn about our extensive roofing repair services, including a bit about our commitment to quality and excellence that we bring to every job, big or small.

What Kinds of Roofs Do We Repair?

While Southwestern Florida is usually a sunny paradise, when it comes to needing a roof repair, Tampa is a hot spot due to our storm season. Our owner has been in the roofing industry for almost his entire life, and Tampa Bay Roofing Services’ lead technicians have seen virtually every roof repair situation imaginable. Through our extensive experience and trade certifications, we have the knowledge, skills, and equipment needed to fulfill a wide range of roof repair needs for materials ranging from:

  • Asphalt Shingles, where Florida winds push the limits on shingle adhesives and wind pull resistance. Compared to any other option, asphalt shingles are usually the easiest and most affordable roof material to repair.
  • Tile Roofs, where missing tiles expose the underside of neighboring shingles, creating potential falling object hazards or severe, hard-to-access leaks. Fortunately, tiles protect the underside of the roof so well that most tile work amounts to more surface-level repairs.
    However, neither tile nor any other roofing material is a DIY-worthy project, given the technical complexities and risks involved. There are also numerous fall safety hazards only a trained professional should be entrusted with.
  • Flat Roofs, such as single-ply or built-up require prompt attention to initial signs of damage that could quickly become much more severe. For commercial structures especially, maximizing flat roof performance is essential to minimizing costly downtime.

Signs Your Roof is in Need of Repair

Some signs of roof damage are hard to miss. Others lie just below the surface but are easy to spot with a trained eye. Depending on your roofing materials and the severity of the damage, the following are several of the clearest signs you need expert roofing repair services.

  • Visible leaks
  • Curled, cracking, or otherwise broken materials
  • Visible holes, missing shingles, or discoloration in a small, localized area
  • Patches of lost asphalt shingle granules, as you might find at the bottom of your downspout
  • Small areas with low-sagging spots
  • Mold and other growths

In rarer cases, the planks below the entire roofing structure may need reconstructive repair, which will expand the scope of work.

The scale of the repair is usually tied directly to the costs. In all cases, if roof repair is possible, it can save you enormous sums on a premature replacement. Especially if your roof is nowhere near the end of its lifespan, you can stop small damage from turning into bigger home repair issues with timely roof repairs.

If insurance doesn’t pay for a replacement, repairs may be the only option, although we offer helpful financing options to help you get exactly the roofing repair or installation services you’re depending on.

Emergency Roof Tarping

If your roof sustains more outstanding damage, we’re there at a moment’s notice. Tampa Bay Roofing Services will send out a rapid response team that knows exactly what to do to temporarily halt any leaks. Our lead technicians will perform a thorough assessment of the cause and formulate a plan to get your roof in good working order as soon as possible.
Keep our number handy with your other emergency contacts, and know that the most dedicated roofing technicians for emergency roof damage are just a phone call away.

Trust Tampa Bay Roofing Services For Expert Roof Repair in Tampa

In addition to the most reliable roof repairs and emergency leak services in Tampa, we pack three generations of trade expertise into our craft. We’re triple-certified with the industry’s leading roofing manufacturers, and we take large strides to protect your property during all work.
If you suspect a leak or see signs of damage from ground level, contact us for a free estimate. We’ll give you our professional opinion and explain the best options available for your particular type of roofing damage.